Joseph Hallenbeck
October 05, 2020

New in the Garden
(Sprint 21, 2020)

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Continued work in the Digital Garden.

Personal Productivity Routines

Added several new notes under the Personal Productivity Practices index including:

Nightly Review
Step-by-step note on my daily routine tha has evolved over the years from the basics of Getting Things Done by David Allen.
Fortnigh Review
Step-by-step note on a periodic review conducted each fortnight where I evaluate the past two weeks and plan out the next two weeks.
Five Line Journal
A method for quick daily logging that allows for reviewing not only today, but the events of the (up to) last five years.
Bullet Journal
Began a stub outlining the syntax behind my bullet journalling
Knowledge Management
A longer note detailing some of my research behind knowledge management – extracting, storing, and maintaining records.
Fibonacci Spaced Repetition
A quick back-of-the-hand technique for doing Spaced Repetition (SRS) that I am employing in my Japanese language studies.

Learning Japanese

Additionally, I started doing a deep dive into the Japanese language which has resulted in several notes outlining my techniques and learning thus far.

Strategies for Language Learning
Outline of strategies employed with my language acquisition
Japanese Hiragana
Mnemonics and resources for learning Hiragana.
Japanese Kanji
Mnemonics and resources for learning Kanji along with a dictionary of Kanji that I have learned thus far.

History and Outline of Damasca

Last, I worked on outlining my memory of the Damasca project – it’s precursor (Graal Online) and current efforts to revitalize the project.

History of Damasca
An outline of the Damasca project from 1999 to today.
Graal Online
A bit of a memoir covering my memory regarding the precursor to Damasca, Graal Online.
Damasca Classic
A little bit of a reference regarding the current conversation about where to go with Damasca.
October 05, 2020

New in the Garden
(Sprint 20, 2020)

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Continued work in the Digital Garden.

Currently Reading
Updated with the thirty-one articles that I read in Sprint 20
German Potato Salad
Added a recipe for German Potato Salad to the Cookbook
Added a recipe for making home made kraut.
Language Studies
Added a note about the tools I’ve been using to learn French and now Japanese
Feature Flags
Added a note on the ins and outs of using Feature Flags to gate incoming features in application development