Joseph Hallenbeck
January 28, 2021

New in the Garden
January 2021

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Continued work in the Digital Garden during the first month of the new year.

Best Films
Consolidated my lists of films (300+ movies in the last ten years) into a list of 32 33 “best” films I watched in the last decade that I highly recommend watching.
Book Clubs
Notes on research I was conducting around running technical book clubs, particularly in anticipation of the #TechniColorRainbow book club restarting reading Hacking the Art of Exploitation.
Async Javascript
Notes on exploring the space around promises, async/await in modern Javascript.
Pantry Spices and Sauces
The essential list of spices and sauces to keep available always in the pantry.
Personal Productivity: Annual Review
Deep dive into my annual review process, updated with new notes as I conducted it for 2021.
Personal Productivity: Quarterly Reviewa
Deep dive into my quarterly review process, updated as I conducted it for the new year.
Currently Reading: 2020
Ended my Currently Reading list for 2020 with 21 books, 29 films, 7 shows, 4 games and however many articles. Ranked for the end of year by recommendations.
Currently Reading: 2021
Created a new reading list for 2021. Tracking books read, films watched, games played and a running article list for things I found interesting online.
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January 2021"
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