Joseph Hallenbeck
August 22, 2020

Digital Gardening

Filed under: Software Development

I have joined in on the recent trend and started my own Digital Garden.

IndieWeb is shifting away from the blog format and a rennaisance has started in the notion of the personal website. More often this is coming in the form of Digital Gardens or public zettelkastens. After some research into the topic, I found the format exhilarating. I have long struggled with the temporality of the blog format. I desire to go back and edit, prune, and maintain this site. Yet, the format of the blog post is akin to the newspaper or magazine. It is to put together a well formed article, published, and then let stand. Corrections come in the form of new posts, not the retraction or reworking of existing posts.

The garden then is a different beast. A perpetual work in progress. I plan on moving pages around. Editing them constantly. Introduce new pages. It is a tool for my research. Perhaps it will inspire more posts to this blog? Perhaps it will assist me in getting more side projects out the door?

My garden is powered by Gatsby and is built on the work of Aengus McMillin’s Brain. I have published the work on Github, as I believe my contribution will make it easier for others to skin and host their own Gardens.

New in the Garden this Week

The history and current status of the Damsca Project
Currently Reading
An active reading list for 2020
A start at documenting my repetoire. Current additions include Lazy Risotto Bake, Lomo Saltado, Cajun Red Bean Rice, Red Bean Curry, Pierogi, Pizza Meatloaf, and Water Crackers
Home Lab
Including notes on Linux, and cheatsheets for my tools including Docker, Tmux, and Vim
Mappers and Packers
My thoughts on the first entry in the Programmer’s Stone
A break down on my research into the popular note taking practice
Best Practices in PHP Web Application Development
A deep dive into many concepts that are on my mind around the profession including Layered Web Application Architecture, A list of Code Smells, tricks for PHPUnit, how best to handle Dates, a looking into writing request Validation, and Application Services
"Digital Gardening" by Joseph Hallenbeck is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.