Joseph Hallenbeck
May 29, 2021

New in the Garden
May 2021

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Continued work in the Digital Garden during the last two quarters, although, I fell far behind on pushing updates to the public repository.

Styling and References
Worked on improving the template styling for links, code samples, and inline references.
Added new recipes for Shredded Chicken Poblano Soup and a section for recipes that I want to try.
Japanese Resources
Added a note covering resources for learning Japanaese including tools that I’ve been using, links to other sites covering learning techniques, textbooks, and podcasts.
Begining to dive through the vast resource that is the MDN to try to “catch up” on developments in front-end web. My career has gradually drifted more back-end centric and there’s been new developments in terms of the flex and grid layout systems.
Along with CSS in my MDN dive, I’m diving through changes to Javascript. Including that we are no longer constrained to var and can now use let and const. Additional notes on how Promise, async, await work. Researching the fetch API. Working on getting both side and work projects away from jQuery and into vanilla javascript before moving into the newer frameworks.
Javascript Front-End Frameworks
Breakdown of the major frameworks out there and their architectural ideaologies.
Unit Testing
Extensive updates to my notes on Unit Testing to cover the different shapes and kinds of unit tests that can be applied to a problem.
Code Reviews
Researching into the question of what are good and bad code reviews.
Vim Grimoire
Added notes in the grimoirie for marks and registers.
Brag Sheet
Breaking down an idea proposed by Julia Evans for creating a formal document of your accomplishments throughout the work year.
Small Web
A summarization of the ideas behind the proponents of the “small web” initiative.
Debug Nvidia POP OS
Because my Nvidia card doesn’t work with newer kernals and POP OS keeps trying to update me and kill my gaming fun time.
The Heart Sutra
One of my annual goals this year is to familiarize myself with the major sutras referenced in Zen Bhuddism. The first up is a dive through various dharma books and readings on The Heart Sutra.
Travel Flightlists
Added checklists for backpacking, weekend travel, and world travel.
Currently Reading
Still keeping my currently reading list up-to-date with books, films, games, and the endless deluge of online articles.
January 28, 2021

New in the Garden
January 2021

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Continued work in the Digital Garden during the first month of the new year.

Best Films
Consolidated my lists of films (300+ movies in the last ten years) into a list of 32 33 “best” films I watched in the last decade that I highly recommend watching.
Book Clubs
Notes on research I was conducting around running technical book clubs, particularly in anticipation of the #TechniColorRainbow book club restarting reading Hacking the Art of Exploitation.
Async Javascript
Notes on exploring the space around promises, async/await in modern Javascript.
Pantry Spices and Sauces
The essential list of spices and sauces to keep available always in the pantry.
Personal Productivity: Annual Review
Deep dive into my annual review process, updated with new notes as I conducted it for 2021.
Personal Productivity: Quarterly Reviewa
Deep dive into my quarterly review process, updated as I conducted it for the new year.
Currently Reading: 2020
Ended my Currently Reading list for 2020 with 21 books, 29 films, 7 shows, 4 games and however many articles. Ranked for the end of year by recommendations.
Currently Reading: 2021
Created a new reading list for 2021. Tracking books read, films watched, games played and a running article list for things I found interesting online.
November 03, 2020

New in the Garden
(Sprint 24, 2020)

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Continued work in the Digital Garden.

On Unit Testing
Insights into when to use Test Driven Development (and when not), how to write good unit tests, and how to write tests that test behavior instead of implementation details.
Bullet Journal
Notes on my Bullet Journaling routines. The syntax, and how I apply it myself in my overall personal management scheme.
Annual Review
Very rough outline of my annaul review which will be coming up during the first two weeks of 2021.