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Anno Domini 2022

January 14, 2022

New in the Garden
January 2022

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Continued work in the Digital Garden, but I keep forgetting to push my changes out the wide world. So here’s a dump of new articles over the last six months added to the garden and now pushed to the public.

The Internet Zeitgeist
Added several notes covering different areas I’ve notice influencing the internet zeitgeist
One item in the zeitgeist: permacomputing, the exploration of computing in a post-collapse society and the design of computers for long-term survival.
Solar Punk
The alternative literary body to cyberpunk
Digital Nomadism
Added a note examining the practice of digital nomadism and outlining my reading on the topic.
Added research note on the Alpine.js front-end framework.
Notes on the Svelte front-end framework.
Notes on changes in PHP 8
Productivity Advice
Notes regarding productivity
Added my research notes regarding Georgism
OSR Daurlands
Started outlining my old D&D campaign setting
Bigos Stew Recipe
Recipe for Bigos Stew
Bouneschlupp Recipe
Recipe for Bouneschlupp
Proziaki Soda Bread
Recipe for Proziaki Soda Bread
Kraut Cakes Recipe
Recipe for Kraut Cakes
Winter Garden
My latest project to grow tubers over the winter indoors

Updated the list of Best Films