Joseph Hallenbeck

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PO BOX 1072
Alpine, AZ 85920
Phone: (605) 645 8895
Github: Github

Work Experience

Software Engineer, Research Square, Durham, NC 1/2015 – Present

  • Refactored a 1.4 million loc enterprise PHP application into two separate applications addressing distinct business contexts.
  • Introduced and championed the adoption of behavioral driven development
  • Used domain driven design in a brownfield and greenfield environment to craft enterprise software that mirrored the language and processes of business operations.
  • Maintained legacy Zend Framework 1 and Zend Framework 3 applications; developed Slim framework applications to create web APIs to support a microservice architecture.
  • Worked with a diverse scrum team in a continuous integration workflow. Composed unit tests. Engaged in team code reviews.
  • Successful remote worker. Business was based in Durham, NC but had team members in Arizona, Missouri and Kansas. Kept abreast of team and business needs via e-mail, Slack and Google Hangouts.

Owner, Software Engineer, Joseph Hallenbeck LLC. 7/2009 – Present

  • Analyzed client needs, designed web site solutions, and implemented those solutions as WordPress themes.
  • Developed corporate website for Sunset Office Cleaning which achieved a #1 rank on Google for “Sioux Falls Office Cleaning”.

Developer, 44Interactive, Sioux Falls, SD 1/2013 – 12/2014

  • Maintained PCI compliance. Improved system security through regular maintenance and proper user permission segmentation.
  • Performed daily log reports and responded to system stability issues as they arose. Increased production system up-time from 97% to 99.99% on a server that saw 50k+ unique visitors per day.
  • Initiated internal documentation using a team Wiki and password vault to assist with team collaboration.
  • Refactored company’s custom CodeIgniter based CMS. Moved CMS into a team-supported Git repository, normalized database architecture and introduced use of object-relation management tools to decrease database calls and increase ease of development.
  • Addressed OWASP security issues in CMS including potential XSS and injection attack vectors.
  • Wrote scripts to automate deployment and system debugging using Python and BASH. Wrote command line scripts to perform mass updates to CMS.
  • Launched custom e-commerce cart solutions. Built HTML5 drawing tools. Built AJAX-heavy UX front-ends. Interfaced with external APIs such as Facebook, Google, and CakeMail.

Developer, Gage E-Services, Sioux Falls, SD 7/2011 – 1/2013

  • Developed Joomla and WordPress websites from start to finish including business analysis of client needs, formulation of client specs, handling markup of designs, database design, and back-end development.
  • Developed e-commerce sites using Lemonstand, custom WordPress sites, and Joomla modules.

Lead Park Ranger, Jewel Cave National Monument, Custer, SD 5/2008 – 9/2011

  • Lead a diverse team of seasonal park rangers. Provided mentoring for new rangers and assisted with annual training and performance evaluations.
  • Edited, wrote, and designed layouts for full-color activity booklets, annual newspapers, advertisements, trail maps, press releases, public correspondence, newsletters, e-mails, and reports.


  • Languages: PHP, Javasscript (ES6), SQL, Shell, Python
  • Front-End: HTML5, CSS & CSS pre-processors, Some LaTeX
  • Frameworks: Zend Framework 1 & 2/3, Slim, CodeIgniter, Laraval4, Silex
  • Content Management: WordPress, Jekyll, Joomla 1, Lemonstand v1
  • Common APIs: Quickbooks API, Zohobooks API, Google Maps API, Authorize.Net API, Paypal REST API, Elastic Search
  • Message Queues: AWS SNS \& SQS Queues, Beanstalk
  • Operations Docker Containers, Linux (CENTOS, Ubuntu), NGINX and Apache HTTP server administration, MySQL/MariaDB databases
  • Software: Adobe CS Suite, VIM, Git version control.
  • Concepts: Behevioral Driven Development, Domain Driven Design, microservice architectures, strong grasp of object orientated programming, database design, and design patterns
  • Soft Skills: Excellent technical communication skills, familiarity with graphic design and UI/UX, familiarity with common software development methodologies (Agile, Scrum, etc.), git-flow, pair programming, code reviews and continuous integration workflows.


Real Time Interactive Simluation, DigiPen Institute of Technology, Bellevue, WA

Courses Taken: Linear Algebra, Calculus I, Computer Environment I & II, Operating Systems I, C Programming Language, C++ Programming Language

B.A. Philosophy and English, Augustana College, Sioux Falls, SD, 2009


  • Graduated Magna Cum Laude
  • Dean’s List, all semesters
  • Sigma Tau Delta Literary Honors Society
  • Visiting Scholar Seat, Harris-Manchester College, University of Oxford
  • Eagle Scout