Joseph Hallenbeck

Kynda Consulting, LLC

Providing web-based workflow automation solutions and consumer facing website design, development and hosting from the White Mountains of Arizona to anywhere, USA.


My open-source repositories and contributions to open-source projects can be found on my Github account.
A straightforward single-user time keeping application for tracking hourly client work across multiple accounts and projects.
Damasca: The Conflicted Kingdoms
The eternal, never ending, infinite alpha, Zelda-style MMORPG. Stop by the nearly-dead bulletin board. Listen to us rattle on about what random platform the game will not be completed on next.
The DropFramework PHP Micro-Framework
A micro-framework from back when building your own PHP micro-framework was the thing-to-do.
Jekyll Template for this Site
And of course (sans posts), the template for this Jekyll site is available for anyone’s use.

Other Sites

Bowlich’s Land of Links
A Shaarli instance hosting links to all the random articles that I’ve read and thoguht well enough to bookmark (or merely liked the headline, and saved for later reading). If you can stand my tastes, subscribe to the RSS feed. Set up your own and let me know. Anything to not contribute to the Social Media sharing frenzy.
The Dreamscapes Webcomic (on permanent hiatus)
Back in 2008, I started a series of short-lived webcomic projects. The last, and perhaps longest running of those was In The Sea of Nihilism which was a surrealist fantasy comic that, with no real direction, lost steam as I transitioned away from seasonal work.
An Examination on the Tragic in the Writing of Kierkegaard
Undergraduate thesis
JECA Newspaper 2011
The official newspaper for Jewel Cave National Monument, 2011
JECA Scout-Ranger Booklet
Activity booklet outlining the Jewel Cave Scout-Ranger Program, an inter-organizational project that encoruages Scouting participation in their National Monuments.

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