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Over the years, I’ve accumulated more and more websites that I regularly maintain and contribute to each week. Below are a few of the sites that I’m fairly active with these days.

Bitbucket or Github

My bitbucket and github accounts hold a variety of open source projects, automation scripts, and other programming assets that have accumulated in my spare time.


A clone of the arcade classic “Centipede” using Rust and the Piston framework and released under the MIT license.


The DropFramework is yet another micro-framework for PHP built during the height of Code Igniter and PHP 5.2’s reign. I’ve updated it only slightly since and have quite abandoned it, but I leave it around as a study of software architecture. An example blog shows the framework in use and the code for that blog is also released under the GNU license.


Available on BitBucket and Github. This is a very simple intranet application build on top of the Silex Framework to do basic hourly time keeping for tracking billable hours and time spent on various tasks. It is intended to be run on localhost for a single user, however I have set up a demo branch at that shows the full functionality of the application, except that it truncates itself every 5 minutes.

Blogging & General Creativity

The Dreamscapes Webcomic

After several years of telling myself that someday I would get into sequential art, I began this project last year as an “experiment in comicking.” The art is bad (the writing worse). It’s on an indefinite hiatus.

The Wind-up Culture Blog

A blog covering reviews and criticism of literature, film, anime, video games, music, and anything else that happens to pass my way.

Damasca: The Conflicted Kingdoms

A now defunct open-source 2D action-styled MMORPG that I contributed blood, sweat and tears to for several years before the entire thing fell apart. I still keep it around out of nostalgia.

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