Joseph Hallenbeck
January 26, 2018

Shell Notes: Vim XDEBUG

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Continuing my deep dive into shell and editor commands to find, useful tools that I’m not taking full advantage. This week is debugging PHP using Vim and XDEBUG. XDebug in Vim XDebug has been installed on every development machine that I’ve worked on for as long as I’ve worked. It outputs wonderfully formatted stacktraces and var_dump values. However, the interactive debugger side of XDebug remains little used due to the overhead of setting it up. When I developed using PHPStorm, the interactive debugger seemed extraordinarily unstable. After taking the time to set up a project, map the directories correctly, configure...
January 12, 2018

Shell Notes: Less

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One of my professional goals this year is to make a marked improvement on my shell (zsh) and editor (vim) skills. I know enough commands to get me through the work day, yet every time I see a real shell or vim poweruser go to town, I am reminded that I am probably only confident in 10% of the commands that I could be using. Every now and then, I’ll force myself to use h, j, k, l instead of ←, ↑, ↓, → to navigate in Vim and my Tmux panels. The skill lasts about a week before I’m...
July 28, 2017

Bullet Journals and Traveler Notebooks

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If Goodbye Trello, Hello Todo.txt didn’t reveal my roots as a day-planner fanatic then I’m sure this post will. This week, I sadly retire the Franklin Planner that has been by my side for the last twelve years. I never really followed the Franklin method, and over time my personal day planning strategy has relied less and less upon it’s features. The notes pages were never quite large enough to fit the reams of notes that I need for my work. The hourly planning lacked the ability to schedule in twenty-four blocks (who in this day and age keeps strictly...
About two years ago I started muddling on a small project to update this blog. At the time, I felt that there was a need to create something that better reflected both my growth in design and front-end sensiblities but also my perspective on how we ought to approach our relationship with the web. The blog itself has gone through many fine iterations since college. For a while it served as a platform for attracting employment interest. Now, that I am established, it is slowly becoming a platform for posting “anything and nothing” that crosses my mind. The get-me-hired aspects...
July 07, 2017

The Desert List

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“One cannot read a book: one can only reread it” – Nabokov I woke this morning thinking about re-reading The Lord of the Rings. The last stab at the thick volume I made while at Oxford in 2008. A childhood friend reads the entire thing on an annual basis. Which brings me around to another question. If I examine the entirety of my library and was given the choice of only a select few books to read and re-read for eternity which volumes would that entail? It is said that the quality of a litrary work is measured in our...
May 11, 2017

Pen Obsessed

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Lately, I have been thinking a little too much about my writing implements. You see, I have always been slightly picky about my writing tools and a little to amused by nice paper and inks. The stationary aisle in any store is my treat. As such, I have collected far too much odd-and-end pens and pencils over the years. An assortment of half-filled notebooks before I moved on with anticipation to a fresh clean notebook. So for several years now, I have resisted the temptation towards new notebooks and now, as I open my paper drawer and see only a...
May 05, 2017

2016 In Review

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My annual retrospective is running a bit late this year. Probably because there has been so many big life-changing developments in the last year. This has inspired a great deal of introspection and anxiety. I describe 2016 as a very necessary year. Not an enjoyable year, but a year where I was mostly reactionary to a long sequence of unavoidable events that started with the totaling of Ford Explorer in late 2015 and leading up to the eventual first-home purchase. Personal Highlights Existentialism The year of necessity has become my description of 2016. Everything happened because it had to happen....
January 12, 2017

2016 Cultural Review

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A quick run down of all the films, shows, books and games watched, read and played over the last year. Film & Shows This was the year of film. Starting in the FEMA trailer in Clifton, the big screen TV that came with the new house. We had every excuse to watch movies. We are running low on Hitchcock and Price films at this point. There are so many of them (over 30 in total!) that I can’t give time for each. Instead, I’ll just break each down to a letter grade. Not mentioned, but started Steven Universe, FMA: Brotherhood,...
August 07, 2016

Social Media Fast 2.2

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So we are going into the first week of the Social Media Fast. Said my goodbyes to Facebook and Twitter on Monday and hit the road for the wild open web. I get a weird sense of excitment about the project. Odd thoughts about all this new free time I will find in the next couple months. What exciting new web comics or blogs will I uncover trying to stem my boredom? The first step for our great fast is to set up a /etc/hosts file to block out the most time consuming of the social networks:
July 28, 2016

Wordpress to Jekyll

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I am currently undergoing a process of slowly converting this and my other blogs from WordPress to Jekyll. One of the first items that I needed to account for was converting all of the posts from WordPress into Markdown for use by Jekyll. Jekyll itself provides a process for importing, but I was intially displeased with the results. I want my posts exported into Markdown files so I can continue to retain them in a simple plaintext format that can be post-processed into a variety of typesettings be it online or perhaps a print format. The default setting only outputs...