Joseph Hallenbeck


February 06, 2010

The Dogged Philosopher

Filed under: Philosophy
This week I would like to announce The Dogged Philosopher, a new website and blog  I developed to showcase my philosophic writings, various literary essays, and discourses of a more political nature. The Dogged Philosopher will be updated multiple times a week (time permitting from other writing projects), so please bookmark it and check it regularly if you would like an insight into my thinking or additional examples of my research work.
As of late, I became greatly concerned with justice. Not the particularities of certain virtues, but the general systems and movements we make as individuals to navigate through our judgments as we pursue happiness in our lives. In the past, we looked to the wise to find our solutions, but following wise men fell out of favor. Culture still exists and still informs our acts. Yet for many, Hegal lays broken on the ground as the masses trod about making one ethical paradigm shift after another until they muddied the river and no one really knows what Culture was trying...