Joseph Hallenbeck
August 18, 2014

Weekly Round Up #2

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Tech News and Tutorials

Super Pi Boy

I have plans on creating what I call the “Raspberry Arcade” – a Raspberry PI with emulators to play all the old NES and Atari games of my youth that don’t work. This is just an amazing mod of a game boy and Rasberry PI into one.

The Internet’s Original Sin

Email Is Still the Best Thing on the Internet

I think a theme for myself this week is really inter-operable protocols. These two articles really belong together since they are both discussing the essentially same thing. A transition from an internet where we paid for our services – email, hosting, premium access – to an internet where we are spied upon and monetized. I don’t really know how we could get back to the “old” internet of desperate home pages, fan pages, and self-curated, self-hosted sources where the author pays to host not because they want ad revenue but because they want to share their particular passion with the world. What other medium allows such a broad audience with the only gateway being a $5/mo VPS?

Know How to Roll (Your SSLCertificates)

This is just a good read, not because installing SSL certificates is hard, but it that it is quite easy to forget to check in on them.

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