Joseph Hallenbeck
December 22, 2018

Tech Reading List 2019

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test driven development cover


Here’s my 2019 reading list for tech and career focused improvements. Guaranteed to change the minute that I wrote it down. A handful of these are good books that I’ve already read and need to revisit like Domain Driven Design, Implementing Domain Driven Design and The Go Programming Language. Others, have sat on my shelf for a long time unread (Code Complete 2) and are due for a second attempt.

For Improving Legacy Code


Soft Skills



Tech Focus

Last year, I was able to check learning Ansible and Docker off my todo list. I feel rather comfortable with both at this point. Yet, the world of web development ever marches onward. Here is what I would like to focus my attention on getting up to speed on this year:

  • React & Modern Javascript Development
  • Go for Web API Development
  • Godot, Solarus or Amethyst Game Engines (have to dream)
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