Joseph Hallenbeck

Trains Sketch

My first sketch this week was an attempt at a train locomotive. This sketch did not turn out very well. I erased it, and started over with a more general sketch of a train yard that I found.

25 Minute Hand Studies

A second sketch was done while my girlfriend worked on the computer. Sitting across from her, I sketched her hand over the mouse. Both of these sketches I did with a 0.5mm drafting pencil with standard softness lead (around HB). This is softer than I am typically used to working with, but I find that the lines are more expressive when sketching quickly and I enjoy the effect when not working on a more precise drawing.

"Sketch Journal #10 - Sketches from the Week of January 8, 2012" by Joseph Hallenbeck is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.