Joseph Hallenbeck

Natural Entrance of Jewel Cave

I am back from a long break from web-posting due to settling back into the day-to-day routine of being a Park Ranger. The job takes a lot out of me, and I find little time in the evenings to work on projects. Yet, after four years of this, I think I have found how to take this job in stride. After a grueling day running around a cave, talking endlessly to visitors, and editing brochures – I get home and immediately shift gears to drawing, writing, and editing. Nevertheless, there is never enough time to get to everything, hence the drought of updates.

One task I was assigned last week was to photograph the cave’s natural entrance for a future exhibit. The sculptor for this exhibit needed example shots of the cave entrance so I was sent into the field with my camera and tripod to get shots of the entrance. My new tripod (a Manfrotto 055XPROB with a 229 Pro Head) works great for doing composition shots. The above is actually four separate shots taken with a telephoto lens (200mm) from the opposite canyon wall then edited together in photoshop. The tripod was precise enough to keep a level plane between shots making the editing procedure a piece of cake.

"Panoramic Photography of Jewel Cave's Natural Entrance" by Joseph Hallenbeck is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.