Joseph Hallenbeck

I am excited to announce that my first professional publication for the National Park Service is now available. I got a call yesterday saying the print copy of the Jewel Cave Scout Ranger Activity Booklet is back from the printers and is now available at Jewel Cave National Monument. My copy is still in the mail, but if the test prints indicate anything, the final print will be one of the highest quality free publications the park service offers. If you are a scouting or youth organization planning a visit to the Black Hills of South Dakota, please take time to visit the cave and inquire about the publication. The booklet covers the history of the area, the formation of the cave, and the role that the National Park Service plays in its preservation. It is a full color print with beautiful photographs of the cave, cave explorers, and surrounding flora and fauna. Did I mention it is a free publication?

In other news, these past months have been extremely busy for me.

In January, I made the move to my new residence in Seattle, WA. and continued to develop my personal creative projects. I finished editing a collection of seven poems, which are now making the rounds to publishers. Two short stories (“Lapis Lazuli” and “Centaurs with Newspapers”) will soon join the poems in the ethereal void between my desk and the trash bins of editors. I am would also like to announce that I am starting construction of a website for Alt.Real, a weekly webcomic launching in March 2010.

"Off the Press: Jewel Cave Scout Ranger Activity Booklet " by Joseph Hallenbeck is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.