Joseph Hallenbeck


Years ago I filed to incorporate a limited liability company. I did nothing with it since, but now find that I am at the juncture in my career when I should feel comfortable with taking on and managing client work beyond the stable income of my employer. This is the natural progression of a remote worker, and while I have no plans of leaving my day job, diversification in this age is absolutely necessary.

Kynda Consulting will focus on serving the White Mountain area, by providing website development and hosting at the local level, and bringing economic development to the region by enabling larger clients to outsource work to rural remote freelancers.

Primary services that I will focus on:

  • SMB custom website design, hosting, and maintenance promoting local business and nonprofit interests.
  • Staff augmentation for existing agencies and software products
  • Workflow and business automation to improve the efficiency of client employees and “automate the boring stuff”
  • Consulting services to address client legacy software product issues including feature additions, bug fixes, feature-complete rebuilds, architecture road maps, and security vulnerability audits
  • Consulting services to help existing teams incorporate BDD and DDD techniques into their architecture and testing strategies
  • Exploration into identifying potential SAAS ventures that solve SMB needs
  • Exploration of the production of financially solvent independent games, middleware, or freelance contributions thereof

This venture will be a new and exciting challenge for myself. It will challenge me to demonstrate that I can ship a client project (I can), but also to learn how to land a sale – a skill that I’ve yet to develop and terrifies me.

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