Joseph Hallenbeck

My fourth, and perhaps last, season at Jewel Cave came to a close on September 10, 2011. I started at JECA in 2008 as a college summer job and I was surprised when I found myself going back to the cave again for three additional seasons. Leaving the park service was a sad, but necessary move, and although I forswore the city of Sioux Falls when I graduated college – it looks like I’m back again!

A lot of items have been on my plate over the last two months and only now am I starting to get a small breathe of air and an itch to get back to the creative projects such as The Wind-Up Blog, the webcomic, or some larger fiction and roleplaying projects that have gathered dust over the summer.

But what’s eaten up all my time?

GAGE E-Services offered me a position as a web developer at their Sioux Fall’s firm in July. I was hesitant to leave JECA mid-season, but they were willing to let me telecommute and work at JECA. This put me on a schedule of working a sixty-hour work-week through August and the first third of September putting together the news site of KVRR of Fargo, ND. On top of this is all the other mess of life - a new relationship, apartment hunting in Sioux Falls, enjoying the last summer in the hills, tending to various visitors, moving, unpacking, and learning the handle of a new job. The result is not a moment of peace these few months and when things did start to calm, I decided that I ought pause for a moment, play some games, read some books, and just chill.

I am not good at chilling.

After about a week, I was ready to poor myself back into labors: clean the apartment, unpack, update these blogs, update resumes, and start writing! So, expect to start seeing an outflow of material from my sites, and my mailbox once more.

"Field Report #3: Gage E-Services, Sioux Falls, and a New Direction" by Joseph Hallenbeck is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.