Joseph Hallenbeck
December 03, 2010

A Return from the Southwest

Filed under: Wanderlust

Angel's Landing Hike

I just returned from a month-long road trip around the southwest. After six long months at Jewel Cave, a few weeks of camping in the frigid nights of a desert winter, waking to gusting winds, and traversing three-thousand miles of the American west, I feel a renewed vigor for returning to work.

I notice that film equipment never fails to break right before a big trip (when I toured Ireland in 2008 my auto-focus on my telephoto lens broke). This time I not only broke my tripod immediately before the trip, I discovered that my flashgun wouldn’t fire on the second day. I lugged the useless flashes around for the remainder of the trip.

Carlsebad Caverns Stalagmite

My current plans: I have two short stories I began developing in the southwest that I want to complete over the next month alongside the final touches on Sunset Office Cleaning’s website. After that, a move to Missoula, MT where I hope to find inspiration amongst the mountains and the people there.

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