Joseph Hallenbeck
Macro photos of the flowers Jess got me for Valentine’s day last month. A good chance for practicing macro stacking as well. Model: Nikon D80 /w Nikon 200mm f/4.0 AF-S FX Shutter: 1/25 sec F-Stop: f/4.2 ISO: 320 Focal Length: 200mm Lighting: None Stack: 5 Model: Nikon D80 /w Nikon 200mm f/4.0 AF-S FX Shutter: 1/13 sec F-Stop: f/4.5 ISO: 320 Focal Length: 200mm Lighting: None Stack: 6 Model: Nikon D80 /w Nikon 200mm f/4.0 AF-S FX Shutter: 1/25 sec F-Stop: f/4.2 ISO: 320 Focal Length: 200mm Lighting: None Stack: 3
March 23, 2015

Trails: Wolf Creek

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Details Location: Alpine, WY Length: 1 mi (Winter) Water Access: Yes (Winter) Usage: Light (Winter) Highlights: Limestone escarpments, pine forest cover Safety Concerns: Winter avalanches, embankments too steep for safe winter hiking. River crossings. In February, we found much of the nearby trails around Jackson, WY either packed or simply closed off from excursions. This has become a recurring theme in Jackson and one that is getting rather tiresome. We turned to looking westward and in turn into the Snake River Range between Hoback and Alpine, WY. The canyon is rather steep walled, but a number of drainages into the...
March 16, 2015

Trails: Sweeney Ridge

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Details Location: Pinedale, WY Length: 6 mi Water Access: None Usage: Moderate Highlights: Spectacular view of the wind river range, Half Moon Lake and Pinedale Safety Concerns: Steep embankments in areas After venturing to Half Moon lake several times throughout February we decided to check out the cross country ski trails on top of the nearby ridge. We found these trails to be in much heavier use during the day time than aforementioned Half Moon, but for what they gave up in solitude we gained in views. Sweeney Road, an ungroomed cross country tail, is perhaps the most isolating and...
March 09, 2015

Trails: Half Moon Lake

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Details Location: Pinedale, WY Length: 3 mi (Winter) Water Access: None (Winter) Usage: Light (Winter) Highlights: View of Half Moon Lake, Windriver Range Safety Concerns: Care should be taken with ice depth. I have found no official ice-depth reports The Wind River Range in Pinedale, WY has a number of trails open for snow shoes or cross country skis year round. In our ventures south of Jackson, we have found the range rather open although range closures do exist in areas and many a Forest Service road turns into snowmobile track. The paved road to Fremont lake, however, remains plowed...
February 07, 2015

2014 In Review

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It is that time of year again, time for my retrospective. A look back on last year’s goals and a reflection on what I would like out of this year. It may be a month late for New Year’s resolutions, but I do get to them eventually. One thing that I started up last year was a much more rigorous interpretation of David Allen’s Getting Things Done. I used a similar process towards breaking down and getting to tasks in the past, but this last year was one where I focused much more on continuously revising my goals, recording what...
October 13, 2014


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This summer, I plunged into the depths of my back up drives and came up with some old projects that were growing some dust. Like most old projects, I find them, get excited. Decide to do a major revolutionary revamp, and ultimately just end up touching up some things and kicking them out the door. The DropFramework is one such thing. For a long time, I wanted to make my own micro-framework to compete with the likes of Slim or Silex. In the end though, I really feel that those two have the space of micro-frameworks very well covered. No...
October 01, 2014

Centipede-RS Dev Log #2

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Getting started with Piston can be a little daunted right now. Mostly this is because it’s a project that is still evolving and which has either little documentation or documentation that rapidly becomes wrong. A lot of games that I found made with Piston can no longer be compiled, a lot of example code needs various minor tweaks to get to compile, etc. That said, the two best items that I found where: Piston Tutorials: Getting Started Which is buried in the Piston-Tutorials repository without any link from the other documentation Piston-Mov-Square Which is just a very simple program that...
September 26, 2014

Centipede-RS Dev Log #1

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A rather rambling design document for my ideas for a Centipede clone that I’m releasing under the MIT license. Following all my reading in Rust it seems like a good idea to have some kind of project to complete. After scrounging about for ideas, I came up with the one of doing an open source centipede clone using Piston. This would be good practice for trying a Rust Ludum Dare next April. The following is more or less a rambling stream of consciousness design doc for what I’m about to do. I’ll probably follow this up with a series of...
September 22, 2014

Resources for Learning Rust

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I just started delving into Rust last week with the release of the Rust Guide. In Web Development, I really have moved away from the “bare level” languages of my schooling into the flighty realm of scripting languages. For the most part, I’ve been quite satisfied to leave behind the rigors of memory management and obtuse C linking errors for PHP, JavaScript and Python. Yet, Rust is the first systems language that really has gotten me excited to sit down and try it out. Maybe get back into the indie game scene (which I have been saying forever). This post...
September 16, 2014

TimeKeeper v0.1.1 Released

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TimeKeeper is a little utility tool that has become both a pet project for testing out new PHP and JavaScript tools as well as a very useful tool that I use every day to keep track of my billable hours, projects and tasks that are completed through out the day. An example of TimeKeeper in action can be found at This week, after a year of dormacy, I updated TimeKeeper to v0.1.1 with a major internal refactoring and improvement in the interface’s “responsiveness.” Major improvements include: The UI is now 100% responsive thanks to a rewrite of all templates...