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August 25, 2014

Sketch Journal #11 – Native Plants

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The following sketches are from my field notebook. They were done while taking a native plants class with Klara Varga in Jackson Hole. In particular, these plants were all found growing along the roadway through the Elk Refuge.

Arrowleaf Balsam Root
Basin Wild Rye
Choke Cherry
Fringed Sage Brush
Rabbit Brush
Rose Hips
Smooth Brom
Tri-Tipped Sage Brush

July 24, 2013

Life Studies – One Year of Progress

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It has been almost one year exactly since I posted my progress in attending the life studies group in Sioux Falls. I did not attend nearly as much as I had hoped last year. Indeed, with heavy overtime through the fall and only a scattering of visits last winter followed by an outright abstinence through the spring and into early summer — I am surprised that I have this many sketches to scrap up and post.

August 1, 2012

Life Studies #1 & #2

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I’ve been attending a life-drawing studio in Sioux Falls over the last year, below are a handful of sketches that came from these studios.

January 20, 2012

Sketch Journal #10 – Sketches from the Week of January 8, 2012

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Trains Sketch

My first sketch this week was an attempt at a train locomotive. This sketch did not turn out very well. I erased it, and started over with a more general sketch of a train yard that I found.

25 Minute Hand Studies

A second sketch was done while my girlfriend worked on the computer. Sitting across from her, I sketched her hand over the mouse. Both of these sketches I did with a 0.5mm drafting pencil with standard softness lead (around HB). This is softer than I am typically used to working with, but I find that the lines are more expressive when sketching quickly and I enjoy the effect when not working on a more precise drawing.

January 13, 2012

Sketch Journal #9 – Seattle’s Space Needle

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This week’s pick from my random sketching — an attempt at sketching Seattle’s famous Space Needle.

Space Needle Sketch

December 23, 2011

Sketch Journal #8 – Merry Christmas!

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For Christmas this year I sketched Calvin & Hobbes themed gift tags using Calvin’s many snowmen as an inspiration.

Calvin Snowmen

December 16, 2011

Sketch Journal #7 – Krampus

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I discovered the Daily Sketch Reddit this week and have added thirty minutes of sketching off their prompts to my daily routine. One of the nicer sketches this week was that of Krampus the mythical christmas demon of central Europe.


June 25, 2011

Sketch Journal #6 – Music Video Sketches

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Lady Gaga Sketch

Wow! Over a month since my last post. Time as a Park Ranger get’s away from me during the summer. I want to be underground in the cave, above ground on the trails — everywhere with a camera and back at the apartment working on my art.

This last week I worked on sketching from screen captures of various music videos. The one selected for the blog is a sketch from Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance.” Now, I must say that Gaga is not really my typical fair (I’d more of a Progressive/Post Rock fan with a long playlist of Yes, Coheed & Cambria, or Godspeed You Black Emperor!). Nevertheless, the directorial work in Gaga’s videos is astonishing and I’m blown away by the aesthetic detail and complex imagery conveyed through the likes of Gaga/Klein’s Alejandro, Gaga/Francis Lawrence’s Bad Romance, and Gaga’s Judas — I must commend the music videos for taking it quite a few steps beyond the normal fair and more over for their creepy design that’s remeniscint of Guillerno del Toro’s monster designs in *Pan’s Labyrinth *.

In some other semi-related news to my sketches, I’ve begun work on storyboarding a comic book adaptation of The Saga of the Volgsungs which will be my next work now that the first chapter in Ivan at the End of the World is coming to a close. I decided that I needed to work on my plotting and what better way to do then to steal a page from the bard and go rooting through old myths with established track records.

When I started the process of storyboarding Volgsungs I was imagining myself keeping the artwork rather similar to it’s Norse origins. However, as I began my music video sketches, I began to imagine the work taking a much darker “cyberpunk” feel — an adaptation that would set the work in a much more futuristic fascist state. The project is rather exciting to me, yet will be a long time in coming with all my other (see above!) summer side interests.

May 29, 2011

Sketch Journal #5 – Canal Bridge

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Canal Bridge

Not the best sketch ever, but I had to get something up for the week. Work on the comic continues to dominate my time, so I had only a few minutes in the week to work on any kind of sketching. This one is a quick draft of a canal bridge based off a photograph taken in southern Michigan.

May 5, 2011

Cpt. Howell and Sam

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Howel and Sam

Here’s Cpt. Howell and Sam, the “villians” of my short-lived “Dreamscapes” webcomic.

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