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February 28, 2012

The “Cover Every MM” Mistake in Starting Photography or Rent, Not Buy the 18-200mm Lens

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There was an article on Reddit this week encouraging folks to list this early photography blunders. A common one was the “cover every mm” mistakes — where you try to get zoom lens that cover the entire range of focal length possibilities. I know this mistake fairly well, I made it myself.

I started SLR photography in 2008 when, anticipating a Europe trip, I decided to dump my point-and-shoot camera for a Nikon D80. As with any important purchase, I researched the topic to death and often came upon Ken Rockwell’s site.

Here’s the thing. Ken Rockwell is a master of SEO. He will show up on pretty much any photo-related Google search. I think he has some excellent starting advice if you are interested in getting the best vacation and family photos out of your camera. However, I think that his reviews are rather subjective and lack the more thorough and systematic reviews that you would find on PhotoZone (a site, I sadly discovered after my camera purchase) and I do not think his is advice is geared towards someone pursuing photography as a fine art or career. (more…)

February 20, 2012

Properly Seperate Content Images from Layout Using CSS

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When I started making websites in the 1990s we had a much smaller set of tools and a lot of websites were what we would today call “static.” A static site was nothing more than a folder of html files that contained both the content and layout of the site. If we wanted to change the layout of our site, we would either need to get new content or go through each individual file and update the layout. 

Today we have CSS which introduced the paradigm of sperating content from layout. A site that applies this principle throughout its implementation will be a site that can easily be “reskined” or “re-templatized” without needing to port the content from the old site. (more…)

February 3, 2012

Gallatin Hive – Photo Journal #5

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I spent two goods nights last month working through a series of photographs that I intended for Christmas gifts. Perhaps one of the most challenging post-production works was this photograph I took of a hive in Gallatin National Forest just south of Livingston, MT.

Complete Hive Photo

This shot is actually a composite of two different shots. You see, I took nearly a dozen photographs of this hive free-hand during sunset. There was little light and in only a small handful of shots was the hive sharp. The composition for the piece was also a challenge. A number of shots have twigs in distracting locations drawing the eye into the background. Yet, if the hive is centered, it becomes to dominate. The hive had to sit at a roughly 1/3rd mark to really bring out the shot, but this only occurred perfectly in one shot which was not sharp. The solution? I combined two different shots. One, for the composition and background and a second for the subject matter. The image below shows the two originals side by side. The left shot I used for the composition, but I edited the hive from the right shot on top of the left shot. (more…)

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